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What is your hope ?
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Get them through ACI International, Indonesia
VISION - ACI-Indonesia
Increasing the agricultural and pond production as well as farmers' prosperity especially and Indonesian in general.
Job Field Equality
MISION - ACI-Indonesia
Creating Fertilizer production media with the best quality which are able to increase the agricultural and fishery production.
Creating marketing System through the best MLM
Becouse of its best product and marketing system , as well as big market share, PT.ACI INTERNATIONAL INDONESIA is realy optimistics to be the largest MLM company in indonesia in 2005 with its expension abroad.
( Your success is determined by your self )
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Head Office Aci Indonesia
Boulevard Raya Street F1 Panakukang Mas Telp.0411-456223, Fax. 0411-420752
Makassar -South Sulawesi


Jakarta Branch Office:

Perserikatan Street No. 4D Rawamangun East Jakarta, Telp. 021-4897157,4786475

Fax. 021-4897162


Surabaya Branch Office:

Tidar Street 108-110 Komp. Ruko Tidar Mas Square E6, Surabaya-East Java

Telp. 031-5348227, Fax.031-5348242


Medan Branch Office:

Setia Budi Street Komp.Ruko Milala Mas B12-14 Medan - North Sumatera.


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Peace be upon u all,
Indonesia and some other countries are well-known as agraris country which its population mostly as farmers with low prosperous condition.
President Director
The over use of anorganic fertilizer does not guarantee the growth of agricultural production. even disturbing the soil fertility that eventually harmful for farmers the selves.

Beside that, the economic crisis which is happening in some developing countries including Indonesia resulted in the big number of jobless and reach million people in the year 2003.

The vision and mision of PT.ACI International is increasing the production and community income which is not limited through the best product and marketing link system.

Your decision to involve in International ACI business leads you to unlimited success level.

Best Regards
DR.Ir.H. Komardin, MM
(President Director)

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